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Online store design

A web store can increase your company’s sales and profits several times over. The advantage of the online store is that it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost as for a physical store.

Benefits of owning an online store

Everything you need to start selling online today!

We build online stores with attractive designs designed to create a good customer experience, sell your products and services, and offer a variety of payment and delivery options. The online store is customized so that you can easily manage it without any special computer knowledge and you can manage it from anywhere.

The process of making an online store

Market planning and research

Online Store Strategy

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Connection with a bank for the card payment system

More payment options in your store

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Your products will be easily accessible to consumers

The advantage of online sales is that you will allow your products to be easily available and can be bought from anywhere: 24/7 – 365 days without restrictions!

Different payment options on your web store

Offer your customers different payment methods so that they can choose which option is best for them. It includes the possibility of payment by cards, payment upon delivery, payment by bank transfer, Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout.

Manage your online store from anywhere

You will be able to manage your online store from anywhere, all you need is a laptop or mobile phone and you have complete control over orders, payments and products.

Start selling online today and increase your profits!

The world of online sales is growing every day, keep up with the times and the needs of consumers nowadays. Order a new, modern and professional online store that easily sells your products and attracts new customers.

Online sales in 2020/2021 increased by 39%
Now is the time to start with online business!

What do I need to know before opening a Web Store?

Yes, web stores operate with the help of CMS (content management system) and thus it is very easy to add / remove / change products as well as the entire content of the web store.
The platform can support an unlimited number of products: from a small web store with several products to a larger online shop with a wide range of products and their categorizations.
Confirmation of successful payment is sent automatically through the e-commerce software.
For the possibility of payment by card, it is necessary to connect with the payment processor offered by the larger banks in our country. You need to be a registered company and submit an application to the bank. Once approved there is a 10-15 day process (sometime earlier) to integrate into the online store and be able to pay online directly from your online store.
Yes. Every website we create has a responsive design, ie adapted for all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile phones).

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The world of online sales is growing every day, so provide your business with a new, modern and professional web store that will easily and simply sell your products and services!